Together we can   teach patients and physicans new concepts in care and treatment. We  are revitalizing  ethics in medicine. Our mission  is to reduce  error, complications, abuses and frauds in medicine., 

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    LIVES,  heal          and repair           suffering

For 45  years Dr.Vikki  Hufnagel has fought  for change to save lives in medicine. The Hufnagel Biotethics Institute has taken this on this task  to improve-health care through constructive means. Providing in depth education of the public and the medical community. Creating new processes  to end abuses and prevent them in the future. Creation of laws and enforcement to protect our human rights. We have a passion for truth and equity. Change is all about postive ethical change.

future of someone in need through donations of money and time. .

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Our Diabetes team is working to end diabetes and our first project is to make Americans aware of the laws created to save human life were  obstructed and ignored by the insurance and disablity carriers.

The site was created from the years of research and scientific advances of Dr.vikki Hufnagel.  She is one of the first Bioethical based physicians , Dr Hufnagel was asked by legislators to write laws to give women informed consent for hysterectomies. 

Did you lose someone after an operation? Did you wake up after surgery to find things removed you did not consent to ? Did you have severe side effects after a treatment and you never knew any complications could occur. This site is not the practice of medicine or law. taer an drive gets s

attention Devote an aft  or law. This is a site based on beliefs and opinions . 

THROUGH ACTION COMES CHANGE. In order to make issues in medicine transform we have an organized army of men and women advocates to work to make changes in law and in belief systems that need updating. You belonging helps prevent future abuses and gives you enrichment program for your own healing. For each major issue Change  takes on we reate a section of the Hufnagel Bioethics Instiute to not forget the past and to protect the future. We have a devotation book for the  the victims who have pased and those fighting today. Join and tell the  story to share with the world.This is work and your time and efforts are needed. You will get more than a tee shirt for your efforts. You may save a life.

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Dr. Vikki Hufnagel considered a world leader in ethics of health care and creator of many gynecological advances. 

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Hope in Action

Carol Medof Esq. witnessed medical abuses of her mother and took action to find alternatives  for her mom. She believes all patients must have the right of choice in their medical care.   

Susan Bucher RN Her suffering caused her to become a nurse advocate.


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